We Got A Building!

We are so excited to announce... Purrfect Cat Rescue is going to have a purrfect home in Crystal Lake, IL!!

We have found the perfect building for our rescue. Our mission is simple: rescue, shelter, and rehome cats in need. Our goal is to provide a cage-free, no kill shelter environment for the kittens and cats waiting to be placed. It has everything for our furry friends. Lots of space for cat trees & kitty beds, loads of room for them to stretch & exercise, and lots of windows to watch the birds while awaiting their new forever home. An isolation room for newcomers to adapt and get medical attention, a kitten room for our littlest friends, and an adoption room for those happy moments. Enough room for community outreach and we are even looking forward to some kitty yoga events!

Thank you very much for coming on this journey with us and your continued support. We are looking forward to saving a lot of kitty lives soon and we hope you will come and visit us soon! Hugs, Deb & Di